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MasterWorks is a full service general contractor capable of maintaining  renovating, and remodeling the interior of your property, as well as addressing your needs on the exterior envelope of your building. Masterworks provides its services to Owners, Companies and Property Management firms with assets such as Commercial Office Bldgs., Shopping Centers, Hospitals, Parking Garages, Apt. Complexes, Condominiums, and Retirement or Assisted Living Communities.


Whether your building is one-story, garden style, mid-rise or high rise we can execute your work with precision. MasterWorks has particular expertise in interior public space renovations involving painting, wallcovering, drywall, carpentry and trim, flooring and lighting. Likewise, when it comes to the exterior of your structure, MasterWorks has extensive experience in maintainig and renovating the exterior envelope of any building. We install caulking, flashing and sealants; provide tuckpointing, masonry, brick and concrete restoration; apply paints and special coatings; provide waterproofing services; furnish and install replacement doors and windows.

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