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Nothing lasts forever, not even brick, stone or concrete. Fortuantely, MasterWorks knows how to correctly maintain and repair these surfaces. Our team will tuckpoint your mortar joints, but will do so with atttention to the correct details. This starts with mortar selection, not too hard and not too soft; pre-wetting joints; installing new mortar in multiple lifts and the list goes on. Need bricks or stone removed and replaced; no problem. Are brick ties, shelf angle, lintels rusted and in need of replacement?

MasterWorks can do that too, and we will integrate the necessary flashing and weeps while we are at it. Fractured, spalling, broken concrete, or pre-cast sills/headers or coping?


MasterWorks will address any steel reinforcement issues and repair or replace the concrete or pre-cast concrete with the correct repair materials and steel coatings whether on lthe ground, in a parking structure, or fifteen stories up on your building. While we are on your property, our concrete crews can happily repair or replace concrete driveways, patios, aprons, curb and guttter, or sidewalks.

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