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EIFS often referred to as "Dryvit"; (E)xterior (I)nsulated (F)inish (S)ystems have been in the marketplace and widely utilized for 30 years. These synthetic stucco systems allow for greater architectural options at lower cost, added R-Value, and many textures and colors. EIFS must be installed corrrectly and the caulking, flashing and joint details are critically important to its optimal performance. Similarly, repairing EIFS requires attention to detail.


Some EIFS manufacturers require Certified Repairs by a firm certified to perform those repairs in order to keep any warranty in place. EIFS caulking is a cyclical maintenance requirement that should not be ignored. If you would like help in maintaining, repairing, cleaning or coating your EIFS building, please contact MasterWorks for expert advice and qualified service.

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