Caulking, flashing and specialty sealants are an integral part of maintaining a healthy, dry and sound building. It is critical in helping to provide a weathertight envelope around your asset and to protect it from the costly damages that result from water intrusion. The MasterWorks Team has the knowledge and experience you need to help keep these important components of your building exterior performing as they should. We can help to specify the correct caulk, sealant or flashing system; provide joint design; add control or expansion joints; and install window and door perimeter or through wall flashing. Should the open wall surfaces require sealing, MasterWorks will provide expertise in the selection of an appropriate sealant or coating system. Even if you have budgetary constraints, MasterWorks can show you how to correctly prepare your caulk joints and properly execute application of new caulk over old. Leak testing can be performed uon request. Office Building, Garage, Condominium or Apartment Community, single story or high rise, it does not matter, these crucial cyclical maintenance operations will be expertly performed by MasterWorks technicians.